Sunday, December 30, 2007

Consider A Mind and Body Health Plan for the Year.

People do not lack strength, they lack the will.

Victor Hugo

When you were kids, a year felt like a century. As you grew older, the days flew bye like the breeze through the trees. Before you knew it, the year had ended with nothing achieved. It is therefore important to take stock of your life and resolve to mend the holes in your sails to give you a smooth sailing to your destination.

Dare to do something for yourself this coming year that can enhance your health and boost your self-esteem to help your mind and body health. These are some recommendations that may help:

  • Find time to pursue any hobby or a project you have been dreaming about but lack the courage to pursue. Unfulfilled dreams have a way of giving you stress and making you sick. If you do what you are passionate about, that will be your source of happiness.
  • You should devote time to control your thoughts as they have effects on your mind and body health. Uncontrolled negative thoughts can make you age prematurely. Through spirituality and participation in religious activities, you can control the storms that can tear your peace of mind apart.
  • Eat healthy food, as food is medicine. Eating the right food will keep you from the doctor's pills.
  • Find time to exercise. Your body thrives on being active. Inactivity weakens your mind and body and opens you up to diseases.
  • If you are married, try as much as possible to keep your marriage on an even keel. Your partner is your best friend who lives with you under the same roof. If you want to stay sane and healthy, you need to keep your home your sanctuary. This will not happen if you are fighting with your best friend.
  • Find a doctor you like and visit her annually so she can unmask any silent diseases like abnormal pap smears, early breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and others.
  • Finally, build a roadmap for your health that is holistic and makes you a well-rounded person. When you are done, you would enjoy the better you.
  • Maintain your profession by life long learning so you do not get rusty on the job. If you sleep on the job, when the time comes to change jobs you may have problems.

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