Saturday, December 22, 2007

What Does Christmas Mean to Your Mind and Body Health

When I was younger, my siblings and I could not wait for Christmas. A year was too long for us. My parents had to hide our presents and put them under the Christmas tree when we were asleep. As children, the allure of Christmas was the time to receive the toy we had been dreaming about for the whole year. As adults some of us continue to do that and lose sight of what the occasion really means.

God, by giving his son as a gift to us in spite of our shortcomings was signifying that we have to learn from Him. In spite of our foibles, God sacrificed His only Son to save us. This kind of love is what we have to learn from the occasion. Christmas therefore is the time to reflect and take stock of what has happened to you the whole year and bask in the atmosphere of hope and love, because Jesus came to serve and lay down his life for us.

In your day to day life you should be serving with all our heart? Mother Teresa realized that and served with all she had. I am not asking you to forgo everything and behave like Mother Teresa. Whether you heal the sick or haul lumber you're doing God's work. He wants us to approach our job seriously and do it with love.

This is what prompted an Akron cardiologist, Paul A. Wright, MD to seek mother Teresa in search of how he can serve his fellow human being better. In spite of his material wealth and successful cardiology practice he needed something more to help him be at peace. Dr Wright's work with Mother Teresa has been chronicled in his book Mother Teresa's Prescription.

As you enter the New year, I hope you also cling to Jesus' prescription and learn from Him. To serve without counting the cost, to be selfless, humble and love your neighbor as yourself. This is the source of peace which will give you inner strength to live a peaceful and healthy life.

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