Sunday, May 11, 2008

Meditation Can Help Your Mind And Body Health

"Plant the seed of meditation and reap the fruit of peace of mind."

"Meditate daily, and soon your inner strength and mind power will grow."

By Remez Sasson

Every human invention was created by the mind. Thus the mind is a powerful creative machine. However, it works well when it is in its creative state. This state is the mindset when the mind is as calm as a pool of quite water. It is at its best when it is not making waves. This is when it is able to be the inventor and creator.

The daily hustle and bustle make it difficult to focus the mind to be at its best. How then can you tame and focus the mind to be able to continue to be creative to contribute to the communal and personal effort to improve the world and your personal fortune?

Research done at the University of Pennsylvania and supported by the National Institute of Health found that even small doses of daily meditation may improve focus and performance. Meditation calms the mind and changes the way the brain works.

They found that meditation may modify the three components of attention, namely:
  • The ability to prioritize and manage tasks and goals.
  • The ability to voluntarily focus on specific information.
  • The ability to stay alert to the environment.
The value of the above findings to practitioners of meditation is that even the practice of meditation for as little as 30 minutes a day is enough to have a great impact on their life. The take home message is that however busy you're, devote some time to recharge your mind to perform better when it is most needed.

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Ane Recafort said...

Eastern religions tend to concentrate on Meditation as a means of developing spiritual enlightenment and as a pathway to experiencing ultimate reality, whereas in the West it's primarily used as tool for self development, and as a means of reducing stress and improving one's health and wellbeing.

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