Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Miracle of the Seed is Medicine for a Healthy Mind and Healthy Body.

''Truly I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, 'Move hence to yonder place' and it will move, and nothing will be impossible to you.'' (Matt. 17:20)

Have you ever wondered about the power within the seed? You may call it seed intelligence. The farmer, who lives by the products of the seed he sows, puts the seed anyhow in the soil. The seed knows there is only one way for its survival - to grow upwards or in a particular fashion. The farmer has no doubt that with a healthy environment; the seed would grow and yield its fruits. I sometimes ponder on the seed intelligence that helps the farmer feeds his family. The seed has all the ingredients to fulfill its destiny. It does not matter whether the farmer turns the seed upside down or sideways. It will grow and yield its fruits.

The farmer is able to do this because he has faith in the seed. The power within the seed has kept him alive all these years and he is not about to forget that. All we need is a grain of faith to goad us to plant the tiniest seed on the most rugged mountain. This is because, faith is the most powerful trait we have going for us. The unshakable assurance the farmer has in the power of the seed is what gives him the strength to get up day to day to plant his seeds. In other words, he believes in the power and the miracle of the living seed with its hidden potential that he has witnessed.

I am sure we have all been touched in our lives by the success achieved when we started a project or an endeavor that in spite of all odds against us, we were able to overcome adversities and achieve our goals. However, being human, we tend to forget these moments and slip into the comfort of doubting our capabilities to influence our destiny. When we slip into this slumber of insecurity, these are some of the suggestions that may help:

  • Be a tough-minded optimist. Base your optimism on the miracle of the seed. The seed power is within you. Thus, you have endless potential to manifest any project you set out to do. This assumes that you have done your homework. Just like the farmer who prepares the soil before he plants the seeds, you should immerse yourself in training to acquire the necessary skills that will help your chances of success.
  • You may sometimes meet obstacles and hence you should build resilience within yourself. The most effective way to build resilience and have access to the power in the seed is to tap into the Devine through spirituality. Having the Lord in your boat all the time ready to calm the storms in your life when you call on him has healing effects on you. When you can operate without any stress, there is no seed that cannot yield fruits for you.
  • In your quest for success, do not trample on others to achieve your end. Because every one has the same dreams and rather than trampling on them, help them if you can to achieve their dreams.
  • Remember we are here for a short time. Helping someone believe in his seeds leaves some part of you behind to continue the legacy of planting mystical seeds.

    "A man having planted seed must needs leave it alone. He may tend the field, removing weeds,

    protecting the plants as best he may,

    but the growth itself is dependent upon conditions and forces beyond his power to ultimately control. "

    Author: James E. Talmage, Source: Jesus the Christ, p. 269

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