Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Study Suggests Diet and Exercise are Keys to Long Life.

“Our findings put a mechanism behind what your mother told when you were growing up—eat a good diet and exercise, and it will keep you healthy.”Morris F. White

A new study that appeared in the Science Magazine shows that sensible eating and exercises are keys to longer healthy life. Insulin is a hormone that keeps the blood sugar under control. Based on previous studies on fruit fries and round worms that suggested that reducing the activity of insulin in the body can prolong life, Morris F. White and his colleagues from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute decided to investigate the results of removing one or both copies of the insulin receptor substrate (Irs2). The Irs2 governs the activity of the insulin in the cells.

They conducted the study on a mutant mouse that was made to overeat and gain weight. Mice lacking one copy of the gene in the brain lived 18% longer. When the Irs2 was almost completely deleted, the results were similar. Read more and give us your opinion.


blr said...

Do you think this research could eventually cure altzheimer disease?

Manny Essel, MD,MBA said...

If their hypothesis is correct, further studies like this might throw more light on Altzheimer and other diseases that are caused by the same mechanism.