Sunday, May 27, 2007

Be Grateful You Are Healthy. You Can Make It.

It was one of those mornings that I had been up the whole night when I was on call and knew I had a full day at the office. I was debating whether I should call the office and move my patients to the afternoon so I could have some sleep. 

The small voice inside me whispered into my ears about how most of these patients have taken time off work or rescheduled their other appointments to come to the office to see me. The voice also whispered "you're alive and healthy. Believe in yourself that you can make it" into my ears. I reluctantly jumped out of my slumber, had my 15 minutes morning routine, showered and went to work with the insight that I will enjoy my sleep after work.

When you wake up in the morning and you can see, think, hear, smell and move every limb, you have it made. It means you have the building blocks for determining your destiny that day. That is all you can ask for. So embrace the day and give it your best. Remember you only have that day. You don't have yesterday because it's gone. You may not be here tomorrow. Thus you have to discipline your mind and thoughts to such an extent that your gratefulness of being alive and healthy will give you the wings to perform any duties your station in life requires for that particular moment.

Appreciation is the key to going the extra mile when your instinct is to take the easier route. Appreciation of having a job, being alive and well, serving people who have faith in you and having the opportunity to contribute to the global effort to make the world better than we met it should be our driving force. When we are pushed to the corner and all our instincts tell us to take the easier route we should remember:

"What you put out comes back. The more you sincerely appreciate life from the heart, the more the magnetic energy of appreciation attracts fulfilling life experiences to you, both personally and professionally. Learning how to appreciate more consistently offers many benefits and applications. Appreciation is an easy heart frequency to activate and it can help shift your perspectives quickly. Learning how to appreciate both pleasant and even seemingly unpleasant experiences is a key to increased fulfillment."

Doc Childre and Sara Paddision, HeartMath Discovery Program


blr said...

Absolutely. Very good advice

Manny Essel, MD,MBA said...

Thanks for the comment. Sometimes when little things irritate us we don't realize that it is part of living on this planet. We fret and and get sick over the least irritation. Appreciating the little things in our life will make us withstand the little thorns in our shoes that prick and harass us.