Sunday, January 11, 2009

Start Something New To Energize Your Mind And Body Health.

"Living in my own world

Didn't understand

That anything can happen

When you take a chance

I never believed in

What I couldn't see

I never opened my heart

To all the possibilities

I know that something has changed

Never felt this way..."

High School Lyric

"What we receive by reaching our destiny is not nearly as important as what we
become by stretching towards it."

Author Unknown

It took me 3 years after signing on Google's Blogger before I had the courage to start blogging. I gave various excuses such as my writing will not be good enough, not enough time and not enough material to write on. One day in October 2006, I took the first step and wrote my first post. The going has not been easy, however the writing has become easier and I enjoy doing it. The research before the writing and the writing itself give me the high and motivation to continue doing it.

As we begin a new year, I am challenging you to come out of your shell and tackle any projects you've been dreaming of. That is what living is all about. To fulfill our dreams and contribute our part to the world. This way, we will leave the world a little better than we met it. This act in itself will empower you to make you hope for tomorrow. As the saying goes, "Today's seeds are tomorrow's flowers." If you don't do anything today to buoy you up tomorrow, your boat will not float. There would be no waves to help your boat to the shore.

The feeling of being an important part of mankind cannot harm you. That feeling is an elixir to your mind and body health. Feelings matter. For these feelings produce the chemicals that make or unmake you. Hence, as we enter this new year, dare to start the new project you've been dreaming about all these months. Starting is half the battle won.

"Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really
knew. They're what make the instrument stretch--what makes you go beyond the

Cicely Tyson

"The principle of "stretching" is involved. Stretching is going beyond one's
normal, comfortable limits and taking into account the big picture. To see the
situation in a larger context motivates behavior change that benefits the
relationship rather than the self. What is good for the relationship benefits
the individuals involved. Stretching means to transcend the ego in the service
of something greater. Making that initial move can be extremely difficult."

Elinor Stanton.


jake @ mylifepassport said...

nice blog :)

Manny Essel, MD,MBA, said...

Hi Jake,
Thanks for your comment. I am happy you like the Blog. Share it with your firends.