Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blueberries May Be Good For Your Mind And Body Health.

Memory loss with aging is normal most of the time. However when the loss interferes with your day to day function, then it becomes a problem. A study by a group of physicians from the University of Reading and the Peninsula medical School in England found that foods such as blueberries are effective at reversing age-related memory lapses.

Adding blueberries to the diet of the study participants for 12 weeks showed improvements in memory tasks after 3 weeks and continued throughout the study period. Although the authors did not know the precise mechanism of the blueberries on the brain, they postulate that the chemicals involved may pass through the blood to the brain and boost the existing nerve connections by improving cellular communications and improving cell growth.

"This study not only adds science to the claim that eating blueberries are good for you, it also provides support to a diet-based approach that could potentially be used to increase memory capacity and performance in the future."
-Dr Whiteman

Reference:The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (2008, April 12). Getting Forgetful? Then Blueberries May Hold The Key. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 8, 2008, from­ /releases/2008/04/080410115405.htm

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