Sunday, April 22, 2007

Everyday is a Miracle. Embrace it and Live like There is no Tomorrow

"There are two ways to live your life.

One as if nothing is a miracle,

The other as if everything is a miracle."

-Albert Einstein

We take the common things in life for granted. For example, we expect the night to come at the end of the day and likewise the day to come at the end of the night. The mystery of the smoothness of the transition is lost on us since we know that as sure as the night comes so will the day. However, if we pause and observe the rhythms of nature such as life and death, day and night, the rise and fall of the tides of the sea, the rhythm of our breathing, the changes of the seasons, we will appreciate the glory of God as the hymnist wrote:

"The heav'ns declare Thy glory, Lord,

In every star Thy wisdom shines

But when our eyes behold Thy Word,

We read Thy Name in fairer lines.

The rolling sun, the changing light,

And nights and days, Thy power confess

But the blest volume Thou hast writ

Reveals Thy justice and Thy grace.

Sun, moon, and stars convey Thy praise

Round the whole earth, and never stand:

So when Thy truth begun its race,

It touched and glanced on every land.

Nor shall Thy spreading Gospel rest

Till through the world Thy truth has run,

Till Christ has all the nations blest

That see the light or feel the sun.

Great Sun of Righteousness, arise,

Bless the dark world with heav'nly light;

Thy Gospel makes the simple wise,

Thy laws are pure, Thy judgments right.

Thy noblest wonders here we view

In souls renewed and sins forgiv'n;

Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew,

And make Thy Word my guide to Heaven."

Isaac Watts -1719

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