Monday, November 27, 2006

The Mountain Top Or The Sewer. It's Your Choice.

Even in your weakest moments, you can choose to be at the mountain top or in the sewer. You can patch the hole in your sails and sail to the horizon or lick your wounds and sulk. Attitude is everything. Many times, events in your life can cause you to sweat and withdraw into yourself. You become anxious and decrease your productivity. Your happy well dries up and you stop singing your melodious tunes. Your mind produces many chemicals that have detrimental effects on your body. As Zig Zigler said:

"It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude."

There are certain situations that my cause stress, such as when your loved ones are sick and you are worried about them. On the other hand you may be anxious because you anticipate you might not be selected for a position you applied for, though you're well qualified for it. At this time your mind may be working overtime thinking negatively which in turn derails your motivation and your ability to function . It is on these occasions that you need solutions that work.

Meditation can give you a mental holiday and make you detach yourself while you clear your thoughts. By tapping into the silence which is where peace dwells, you heal and become open to possibilities in your life. You can then use positive thinking such as the one prescribed by Norman Vincent Peale, to re-educate your mind and free yourself from the twin monsters of anxiety and depression which will sap your energy and make you less productive.

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