Monday, October 02, 2006

It's Your Mind. Mend It

The mind is at the center of all we do. It can make or wreck us. Have you been nearly hit by a car? Your heart rocks in your chest. Beads of sweat roll down your forehead. Why? Because there is a connection between your thoughts and your body. That center is inside your brain and is wired to your emotions. Happy thoughts evoke well being, while negative thoughts wreck the body. The medical profession has recognized this. Spirituality courses have been introduced in many US medical schools such as George Wahington University Institute for Spirituality and Health., and other spiritual sites such as: Mind body institute , International Center for the Integration of Health and Spirituality, The American Institute of Stress, Center for spirituality and Health

If our mind occupies such an important place in our lives, how can we keep it stress free so it can be our partner for good health? The world is thorny. These thorns prick us day in day out. Like the farmer who prunes the thorns from his flowers, we need tools, not one, not two, but many, to help prune the thorns from our minds to prevent any harmful thoughts that can prick and harm our bodies. Luckily for us many people have thought about this and have written books and songs, or created art work that can help us. In these pages, I hope to build a community where we can discuss and explore how we can use spirituality and religion to help our mind to cultivate optimism and positive outlook in life. This way, we can beat the epidemic of stress that tears our bodies apart to make us prone to diseases that steal the smiles from our faces.

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